Empowering men and women for purpose and destiny.



The purpose of Today’s Living Hope, Inc. will provide essential support networks and services to encourage men and women in spiritual growth and deal with issues that cause brokenness by offering practical social, spiritual and counseling. These opportunities are designed to help men and women find HOPE to fulfill their purpose and destiny for living.

  • Meet people where they are and take them where God wants them to go
  • Fulfill the Great Commission and love my neighbor
  • Empowerment for men and  women through emotional, relational counseling, coaching, or mentoring
  • Training in healthy living threw one to one counseling; group therapy;  grief therapy, pre-marital, family, couples, inter-personal conflict, blended families, self enhancement, and personal healing
  • Communication with the local church pastors for support and follow-up
  • Consulting with local ministries and businesses to partner in ministry.
  • Opportunities for local and foreign involvement to erase  human trafficking.
  • Appropriate Bible Studies, discipleship, mentoring and counseling

Relationships with People – showing love to people through serving and ministry

  • Serving people with mentoring,  coaching or counseling
  • Consulting with churches, ministries, and businesses
  • Global emphasis for impact into people’s lives
  • Generosity and involvement with endangered men and women
  • Partnering with other non-profits for broader impact
  • Activities and classes geared toward self awareness and understanding of attitudes, behaviors, and feelings for healing and better relationships
  • Teaching coping skills and Biblical instruction to deal with areas of dysfunction.
  • Programs offered:   These will include but not be limited to counseling sessions, grief therapy, pre-marital, family, couples, inter-personal conflict, blended families, self enhancement, and personal healing.
  • Seminars and classes to encourage and establish direction and hope for living.


We are operating on a firm foundation of integrity and cost-effectiveness.

  • A 501(c)(3)  organization
  • All gifts to the ministry are tax deductible
  • Persons seeking services will be offered a sliding scale for payment options
  • Group sessions and seminars will be funded by participants, scholarships, or business donations.
  • Governed by a dedicated and active Board of Directors made up of professionals, clergy and business people.  They bring a broad range of expertise and a wealth of experience to the ministry.
  • Comply with the rules of the USA Internal Revenue Service




To empower You are a lead-shepherd, Linda, not only of sheep, but also of other shepherds.  You not only equip people with knowledge and care, you also launch them into higher levels of leadership.  You understand that authority belongs to God, so you help people to walk in God’s authority.  Because God is holy, you expose sin, share truth, pray, teach the Word of God, and do everything you can to disempower hirelings precisely because you want to empower righteous people.  When anyone oppresses someone else, they are doing the opposite of empowering them.  That’s why oppression, particularly in Christian circles, bothers you so.  You want a righteous relational environment that allows people to be strengthened and be free to strengthen others as well.  I think of Ephesians 4:11-13 and I Peter 5:1-3 for you.

people You are comfortable ministering to Christians and non-Christians like.  Hundreds of women at a time have committed their lives to Christ for the first time, and hundreds have grown in grace.  While you work primarily with women, you have a heart to reach whole families.  You see ministry as  intergenerational.

to become mobilizedYou help people feed themselves, walk on their own two feet, and repent from self-indulgence, fear and apathy.  Unlike some leaders who set people up to keep needing and depending on them, you build into people so that they learn to depend on God. 

skilled You want people to learn how do what you do!  You want them to be disciple-makers as well!  You want them to be skilled spiritual warriors who can use the armor of God effectively and pray effectively as well (Ephesians 6: 10-20; James 5:16).

disciple-makers This word encapsulates the reason you want people to be empowered.  For you, life is all about discipleship.  You want people to love God foremost and to love each other.  You want people to know Jesus, love Jesus, and follow Jesus.  Jesus is the Truth (John 14:6).  God’s Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth (John 14:16).  That’s why you so much about truth!  You want everyone to be filled with God’s Spirit of Truth, so they can be disciple-making disciplers who spread the gospel. 

From Sarah Sumner at rightonmission.org.

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