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We’re born to soar, but do you know it? Have you been soaring lately, or have you been more like a canary, in a cage, singing a little tune? Or perhaps a buzzard, you’re sitting on a telephone pole observing everyone else? Or maybe a peacock, pruning your feathers?  Your destiny as a child of God is to soar on wings like an eagle.

As an eagle is made for the heights, so are we made for the heavenly realms. We are to abide (stay under, stay with) in the heavenly realms because that is where the wind of God’s Spirit carries us and keeps us. The higher we soar, the closer we are to our Lord and the further from our past’s sinful desires. Ephesians 2:6-7.

Soaring like an eagle means we live above the evil of this world; our lives are pure. It means living in victory over defeat and discouragement.  Is that your life?

Baby eagles are born into soft, secure, cozy nests built up in the highest place possible. The eaglet grows in the nest until it reaches 80% of its full body size and weight. Then Mama and Papa eagle start, little by little, taking away the warm, soft lining in the nest until finally the eaglet is very uncomfortable.

Mama eagle grabs the baby with her huge talons putting her on the edge of a precipice. The eaglet is scared to death and begs to be put back in the nest. Papa begins circling overhead while watching carefully everything that’s happening. Suddenly, Mama eagle pushes the baby over the edge. Free falling and in total panic. Papa, hovering overhead, never takes his eyes off of the eaglet, and with perfect timing he swoops down at an incredible speed and snatches that baby eaglet just before it crashes on the rocks below. They repeat this until the eaglet can fly on its own. You see, an eaglet can’t fall faster than its father can fly.

Is YOUR nest being stirred up? Did you ever stop to think that maybe, just maybe, your heavenly Father is trying to teach you how to soar? Deuteronomy 32:11 tells us that God deals with us like a parent eagle.

Are you in a free fall today? Do you feel as though you’re going to be dashed against the rocks and destroyed? Remember that your Father is hovering over you, watching your every minute, and I assure you that He can fly faster than you can fall.

God want you to know the freedom and joy of soaring. If you will, by faith, trust your heavenly Father, He will carry you on His eagle’s wings and keep you from falling. Look up Jude 24-25 and Isaiah 40:31.

Unlike any other bird, the eagle has two sets of eyelids. One works like sunglasses, allowing the eagle to fly directly into the sun whenever a predator is in pursuit. The enemy bird is blinded by the sun’s rays and the eagle flies to safety.

When the enemy of your soul pursues, fly to the Son of God, Don’t take your eyes off of Him. Your enemy will be blinded by the righteousness of the Son of God

About midlife, eagles experience an unusual chemical change in their bodies and molting time begins. The eagle seeks out a secluded valley and sits for weeks in a depressed state. She starts losing feathers, her talons become brittle from her digging in the dirt, and she loses weight and no longer soars. Hope is dead, her strength is gone.

Suddenly, the eagle hears familiar sounds. A group of eagles flying in formation above her begin dropping food all around this lifeless eagle. When the eagle starts to eat she grows stronger. Her strength is renewed and she is able to soar again.

They that wait upon and hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will mount up with wings like eagles. This is our promise from the Word of God.

You cannot soar if you do not eat and drink. Jesus has provided His Word to be the “bread of life” and “living water.”

Why study the Word of God? Because it is truth and the truth will set you free…..free to soar like eagles. What is hold you back? For you to soar, you must eat to be satisfied. We all start as eaglets. But, His Grace enables us to soar!

Blessings, Linda

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