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Interview with Fran Ritzenthaler & One for Israel

Linda Penn will be talking with Fran Ritzenthaler of Transformation Alliance about “Effective Communications.” There are always tools, tips and techniques to improving our communications to individuals or organizations. Learn to improve yours.

Fran is a seasoned executive who is a sought after advisor to senior leaders from diverse industries. He has counseled leaders from factory floors to the executive suites of multinational corporations, drawing on his extensive training and experience as a leader, consultant, coach, and engineer. Fran works collaboratively with his clients to identify systemic issues that adversely affect performance and then to create and deliver targeted solutions to solve their most important and pressing problems. He has held senior leadership positions in a diverse range of functions including manufacturing, sales, engineering, purchasing, strategic planning, organizational change, and human resources. Fran has taught at the university level and has been a featured presenter to professional associations nationally and internationally. He speaks regularly on the subjects of leadership development, managing change, and human resource optimization. Fran specializes in the following areas:

  •  Culture change
  •  Performance consulting
  •  Executive development & coaching
  •  Organizational change management
  •  Strategic planning
  •  Facilitation of decision‐making groups
  •  Team building & new‐leader assimilation
  •  Process improvement and lean 6 sigma


Coaching Experience—The following are examples of the coaching projects that Fran has


  •  Instrumental in the development and expanded use of xSAIL® Coaching: Coached dozens of

leaders using xSAIL®, achieving a 96% success rate. Partnered with the creator of xSAIL® to

refine the coaching approach. As the xSAIL® Master Coach, trains and certifies other

coaches in the methodology.

  •  Executive coaching to company owners, board members, presidents, CIOs, CFOs, VPs, and


  •  Debriefed 360°feedback and provided coaching to leaders in a range of positions and

industries. Examples include senior U.S. team members of a $70B global service

organization, VP of operations of a $60M international manufacturer, senior leader of a $7M

non‐profit organization.

  •  Provided developmental coaching for high potential individuals in various disciplines,

industries, and international locations (generally, but not always, utilized for aspiring

middle managers).

  •  Leadership coaching for university deans, department chairs, and senior administrators.

Coaching Tools—Fran uses the following assessments, tools and methodologies in his

coaching practice:

  •  360° assessments
  •  xSAIL® Coaching
  •  Work Place Big Five Assessment
  •  Strength Deployment Inventory
  •  DiSC® Behavior Assessment & Planning
  •  Myers‐Briggs® Type Indicator
  •  Thomas‐Kilmann Conflict Instrument
  •  Strength Finder 2.0®
  •  Keirsey Sorter‐II® Temperaments
  •  M.I.T.s 8 Step Change Process
  •  Numerous problem solving tools

Sneak peek of Fran’s top resources.