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Interview with Yvonne Howe, Jean Milliken + One for Israel


Linda will be airing “best of shows” this weekend at 1 PM on WDCX radio 99.5 FM and 970 AM

At 1 PM Yvonne Howe will talk about how God wants to fill the hole in your heart. Many of you may have heard the phrase there is a God sized hole in all of us. It is a hole designed by God to be filled by Him and nothing else. In this place God has placed questions He longs to answer for us. It is in the asking of the questions and seeking God for the answers that truth fills that very space. Today we will explore the answers to three of those questions. Am I lovable? Do I belong? Do I offer something of value?

Yvonne Howe worked as the associate director of a healing prayer ministry focused on spiritual, emotional, and physical healing. She has developed studies for men and women, led retreats and taught both nationally and on the Arabian Peninsula. Her passion is to encourage the body of Christ to walk in the fullness of who God created them to be.

Then at 2:00 PM Jean Milliken was with Linda talking about “Did you do the Will of the Father?” That is a pressing question to us. And that is what pressed Jesus into times of silence and solidarity away from the crowds and busyness. It was a time to remove the distractions and the cultures voices. It was where the sacred and the holy showed up. It was his deep desire to understand the providence and transcendence of His Father’s thoughts and ways. And then to walk them out in obedience on earth. His alignment to the Fathers Will was demonstrated to us. He reveals it through the gospels in “how” He spent His time. His day timer and calendar of pressing close to His Father are revealed to us. We want to know “how” to walk daily out His calendar for us purposefully. His purposes, not ours.

At 2:30 PM Moti Vaknin live from Israel (9:30 PM his time) will answer the question – How can Jesus be 100% God and 100% man?