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Isn’t it true that the stress level goes up when we are learning something new or we are walking into the unknown?  Well, here goes!  After 37 years in church ministry, God brought a different season of life as I begin the adventure of radio hosting a program on WDCX 99.5 FM called Today’s Living Hope.  Then just to make it more interesting, God also has opened a door to start a non-profit organization called by the same name.  Really God?  Ok, I will obey.

While doing some laundry this week, I was worshipping Jesus with music, thinking about the first airing with Mindy Sauer. I was sending up prayer for both of us.  The excitement was welling up inside of me.  When the washer was finished, I opened the lid to find out I hadn’t put any clothes in the washer!

When Ralph and I married in 1977 we said God was bringing us together to serve Christ as a team.  Serving God meant that we would go wherever, whenever and for who ever as God directed.  We have been in four different states — Ohio, Arizona, Florida and now New York. We both believed whole heartily that God works through His Church. His Church is everywhere and it isn’t limited to a building or location.

The week has been very inter
sting as we work hard learning to record commercials, look at the time line of the hour of programming, watching the clock to get the cues right for when the music starts, when to pause for a commercial, handle the things on the desk, watchthe guy in the booth for cues, while at the same time talking to our guest and oh yes, possibly taking phone calls

Then the true test came! (Just kidding) Yikes, I was on Neil Boron’s show this past Tuesday between 4-5 PM. His son prepared me beforehand, saying they were going to put a bright light over me and ask me many questions under oath! Really??!  Wow, he’s the big cheese on radio! Actually it was delight to spend time with him.  I am learning so much from him

So, as we begin this February 7, I go forward with fear and trembling, can I do this? Will people like it?  But that was only thinking from my perspective!  God talked to me in my Spirit.  He said, “This isn’t about you!  This is about me working through you.  I am the one who enables, I am the one who goes before you, and I am the one who calls then qualifies each person. Linda, just surrender and let God do the work!  May God be glorified!

Join me this Saturday, will you? 

Blessings, Linda

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