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What people are saying about Linda

Linda Penn is not only a teacher and a counselor, but a motivator as well. She has the special ability to truly listen, and to connect on a heart to heart level. She bestows confidence and pride. She communicates in a way that makes it easy to translate biblical teachings into everyday life situations. She gives you the confidence that you can handle the challenges of life in unison with a relationship with God. She offers support to the whole person-mind–body, spirit, and soul. She inspires you to believe in yourself and with God as your Lord and Savior, you can accomplish anything. She has the ability to take you from wherever you are in your walk of faith to the next level of life filled with love, mercy, honesty, humility, diligence, and determination. Linda’s confidence in her walk with God is so evident in her work and her everyday life; it motivates one to walk the same trust trail with God.  Janet, Getzville, NY

I just wanted to thank you for your support and encouragement.  Your knowledge of the Bible and how to apply scripture to life events, and your willingness to be available for support is something that women need.  You have the gift of encouragement, mentorship, and just how to be a sister in Christ.  We are so fortunate that the Lord gives us like-minded women in life, and I thank you for always being available to chat, talk with, and get advice from.  You are an instrument of the Lords. Phyllis, Buffalo, NY

Defeat is always calling to me. Continuing to keep my eyes on JESUS, my identity is in HIM. This frees me from craving the approval or love from others and requiring them to fill my cup. Then if someone takes the time to demonstrate his or her love to me that’s the overflow! I am free to appreciate it, but I didn’t emotionally require it. I see how the Love of God permeates the life through the Holy Spirit it brings freedom. As Linda says! It is not self esteem, it is Soul esteem…. Where the Spirit of the LORD’s lavish love, there is freedom from all guilt, shame, abandonment, broken hearts, unworthiness, and captivity in our hearts mind and soul……..Primary hindrance to satisfaction and healing in our lives is refusing HIM access to our hurt and empty places !!! Linda helps, to prepare us through her loving yet firm discipleship to open the door to HIS healing love and grace. She is the loving, firm vessel GOD uses to bring about this healing through the Holy Spirit. I have never met a woman so solid in her love for HIM and others to reach this freedom. Her tender heart walks you through the depths and the heights of the Healing Journey!!!!! The God who loves the human Soul too much to let it go; so thoroughly impose yourself into the heaps, and depths of our lives. That all will come and be healed from the inside out!!! Let us become Daughters and Sons of the most high God so He can use us to glorify His Name. He never gave up on us and Linda Penn does not give up!!!!!!! Sally, Williamsville, NY

I highly recommend Linda Penn for church and other related ministries. She’s a great ‘team player’ and I believe would prayerfully and carefully lead such ministries to develop it into what God desires. Ed Lewis, Executive Director, CE National, Winona Lake, Indiana

I had the privilege of serving under Linda Penn’s leadership in women’s ministry for 7 years. During that time Linda encouraged, equipped, and mentored me as a disciple of Christ. Through Bible study classes, mission trips, retreats, and women’s events, and even lunch together one on one,  Linda facilitated my growth and development in Christ. Linda is a leader who identifies God-given potential in each heart she encounters and then inspires action so that no one misses the kingdom of God in our midst. Lead on, Linda! Romans 15:5-6 Laura, East Amherst, NY

Linda served here at The Chapel at CrossPoint as the Director of Women’s Ministries for over 6 years, and proved herself to be a solid ministry builder. She was a part of our core Leadership Team, contributed to operational and directional decision making, and showed a great deal of individual initiative in developing ministry, curriculum, and leadership development tracks for women. As well, she also handled a variety of other duties include counseling, teaching, contributing to a Marriage Ministry team, and budget preparation. She has the ability to develop discipleship and the teaching of women, the building of ministry infrastructure, the development of a leadership team, and the mentoring of women. Over our time together we had the privilege of celebrating many “wins” for the kingdom of God. Obviously, she has led a very large ministry to women, so she has an experience in growing and leading ministry. Pastor Jerry Gillis, The Chapel at CrossPoint, Getzville, NY

Linda Penn has become a friend and is terrific in women’s ministries. I have rarely met such a woman, her energy is tireless. I appreciate her teacher’s heart and her trainer’s mind. I have seen her work with teams. She does a tremendous job. She has creativity. Vision just oozes out of her. She is committed to whatever mission and puts passion behind whatever mission she is trying to accomplish. Her creativity serves her well. She has an unusual combination to have a tender heart and also have strong administrative abilities–she captures both. Linda is fabulous in administration and yet she leads people with great tenderness. She has tremendous insight into people. She is very aware and keen trends and knows the culture. She has a tremendous heart for evangelism. And the huge investment that she made as a mentor and as a friend..she is just a unique individual. She would be a fabulous asset to any ministry. She takes the ministry further than it has ever gone before. Pastor Laurie McIntyre, Elmbrook Church, Brookfield, WI

With Linda, you will have an incredible ministry! You will see your church grow in astounding numbers. You will see no one more dedicated to serving people. Most importantly, you will see many people coming into the Kingdom, and more and more people growing and serving Christ directly and indirectly through her leadership. Angela Palmer, Leadership Team, Grace Community Church, Huber Heights, Ohio

She communicates effectively the Word of God and the wisdom that be drawn to meet the everyday needs of people. She has a strong sense of all and with great self-discipline she carries out any responsibility that is given to her. There is no question in my mind her contribution to the kingdom work in ministry will be effective. Former Pastor Darryl DelHousaye, Scottsdale Bible Church, Scottsdale, AZ

I have set under her teaching and know that she is an avid student of the Bible, and prepares her materials with great prayer and care. She also draws from life experience, as a mother, wife, and ‘Nana.’ I admire and respect her approach to life, marriage, and ministry. She loves the Lord completely, is devoted to her family, and gives so much of herself to her friends. Nan Kenady, Women’s Ministry Leadership, Scottsdale Bible Church, Scottsdale, AZ

Linda Penn is a consummate professional with innate administrative skills as well as a compassionate nature. She is able to take a complex array of personalities with individual job responsibilities and mod them into a functioning team. She stared by rewriting the mission statement for clarification. Linda held everyone accountable for their integrative roles in meeting these goals. A company can have a lot of potential but “it ain’t done nothing yet” without a sound infrastructure and appropriate boundaries. In order to facilitate this process, it takes a leader who can assess individual employee needs as well as the ability to set a gold bar standard high enough that personal differences, and internal misunderstandings become some how far less important than the purpose of working at BioImmune. Over the months, Linda personally assessed the process of each department and encouraged participation at any level at our weekly business meetings, which she initiated. For a president of any company to assume that every department knows what is expected without sharing, is a mistake often made in a growing business. She has also assisted in: liaison between client, company and clinic, increased cash flow, stabilizing inventory resulting in minimal backorder, improved marketing and new labeling resulted in 100% increase in sales, zero accounts payable, better communication inside/outside company and new clinic funding project. We feel honored to have Linda Penn at BioImmune as we respect her honesty, service minded heart, and personal standards of conduct. Her capabilities stand on their own; she could easily run her own corporation, if she wished. She was an incredible asset with unlimited talent and a witty sense of humor. Arnold Takemoto, President, BioImmune, Inc.