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Who are you listening to?

From the time my kids were babies; my husband had this weird thing about getting their attention.  He trained them to respond to the sound of his voice when he would say:

“Pssst! Pssst! Pssst!”

It was always repeated 3 times.  He didn’t do it in a shouting manner.  It was always calm, somewhat quiet even.  The type of sound you can hear laying underneath all the other noises in the room.  It used to bother me. I felt like it said something about us as parents. Something like “We make this weird sound to get our kids attention, you know, like when calling farm animals!”

I have since changed my tune.  Although I was right, it did say something, it wasn’t saying what I thought it was.  Rather than communicating something to those around us, it was communicating a message to our kids.

It was saying to them “I see you, do you see me?”

“I am looking for you to give me your attention.”

“I desire to communicate with you.”

I was reading a Bible verse the other day that I have read and heard many times over before.  This time was different though. It felt like it shot right through me.  In John 10:27 Jesus says “My sheep recognize my voice, I know them, and they follow me.”  He says his sheep recognize his voice.  The word recognize communicates there has been a previous encounter in order to be known and be known again. It also means that it is distinguishable from other voices.  It can be separated and identified because it is familiar.

I began asking myself, what voices are we as Jesus followers comfortable with? We all have voices in our lives that would fall into the “familiar” category.  The list of people would include family members, close friends, neighbors, teachers,  pastors, TV personalities, a handful of celebrities and possibly the barista at your favorite coffee shop :)

What volume do we have these voices set at?  How much investment do we put in what these voices are saying to us?

Are we intentionally and actively listening for God’s voice?

Are we listening to the voices of culture through television, magazines, radio and news outlets more than God?  Are we listening to the voices around us; family, friends and social media with their volumes turned on high?  What about those that I think of as “advice givers”? Do we know what the latest parenting or marriage expert would say quicker than what God says?  And at what volume are we listening to our own voices?  How much investment do we put into our thoughts and self-talk?


Isaiah 55:8-9 says:

“My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts,” says the Lord.

“And my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine.
For just as the heavens are higher than the earth,
so my ways are higher than your ways
and my thoughts higher than your thoughts.”

The thoughts of our Father in Heaven are so much higher than our own!  He wants you to hear him calling.  God desires for you to soak in everything that he has for you and not miss a thing!  He has spoken and is speaking to you through His word and the Holy Spirit.

Are you listening?

My husband was training our kids to recognize, distinguish and identify the voice of their Daddy above all other sounds.

God desires to do the same with you, because His love for you is immeasurable! Ahh!  Can you feel it?!? The God that created the universe LOVES YOU!  EVERY minute of EVERY day He LOVES YOU.  He wants His voice in your life to be louder and clearer than all others.

It is time to turn down the volume on all those voices that shout for your attention and turn up the volume on the only voice that matters, the voice of the one who created you.  Turn up the volume on the one who is always whispering, ever so constant & steady underneath the noise and commotion of your life.

Can you recognize His voice?

Can you distinguish His voice above all others?

He is calling you…”Pssst! Pssst! Pssst!”

“Come, meet with me, I will feed your soul.”

To this very day, where ever we are, no matter how loud the room, my husband can call our kids with that sound that has become so affectionate to them…

“Pssst! Pssst! Pssst!”

…and they come running!

So, who and what are you listening to today?  What voices are in your life that are getting so much of your time and attention that they overshadow the voice of God?

The voice of God will be become louder and clearer as you spend more time developing your relationship with Him.  Relationships are built over time, walking & talking together; it is the same with Jesus.  While there is no quick 3 step process to hearing God’s voice there are things you can do to move your heart and attention to a deeper focus on Him.  In my following blogs we will talk about some of the ways you can connect with Jesus and develop Spiritual Intimacy with Him.

No matter where you are at today, God is waiting for more time with you!

Opening your heart and getting honest with God is a great place to start.  God has already promised that He is listening, when you seek Him with ALL of your heart, He will be found by you!

Jesus longs to meet you right where you are.




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  1. Hi, Laurie,
    Well written. Think about doing the podcast and/or videos too. Please keep it coming.

  2. Great post, Laurie. So true!! We do need to learn to discern our Father’s voice… and, sometimes it’s just a whisper! This was an encouraging reminder (:

  3. Really enjoyed your blog. Good job!

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